time for a change


I’m hitting a quarter-life crisis. And it’s a good thing.

I take private martial arts lessons with a 9th degree black belt every other week (there are 10 degrees). He is the best martial arts instructor I’ve ever had and helps me to realize the truths about how the body moves and its incredible capacity for speed, strength and fluidity. During these lessons, he tends to insert the occasional life lesson, which tends to put me in a quandary of sorts. This last one was a doozy.

investing in loss

My instructor referenced a Tai Chi master who once told him that he had to “invest in loss before you can invest in winning.” Humorously enough, my first thought went to Fight Club when Tyler Durden gave everyone a homework assignment to go and lose a fight. This phrase, “invest in loss,” clicked immediately with me, as I regard humility as the highest quality that man can demonstrate. If we can be humble, we can be anything.

Very rarely will anybody willingly lose. Everybody wants to win. Pride – the original sin from which all others arise. We need to invest in this loss that many of our lives are lacking. Fail at something. Fail miserably. And admit that failure – feel it to your core. Only then can we truly succeed. Yin and yang. In every hardness there is softness. In order for there to be shadows there must be light. If the pendulum swings too far one way, it will inevitably swing back just as far the other way. Balance.

time for a change

Bottom line: I need to evolve, both internally and externally. An ancient Japanese belief – and one that still resonates with their culture today – is that in order for you to change who you are inside, you must first begin with your actions. It contradicts a romantic western belief that who you are inside is what really counts.

Bullshit. You’re defined by your actions whether you want to admit it or not. I WANT to be a great writer. I have the DESIRE and the POTENTIAL to be an amazing martial artist. But these words do not translate into deeds. I must apply force.

So, for me and the crappy upkeep of my other blog (on the blogger platform), it’s time for a change. The beginning of this new blog and my renewed dedication to its consistent upkeep is the beginning of my change. This may take me places I fear to go, so we’ll just have to see if I have the courage to live life the way I want to live it.


If you’ve never read my other blog before, let me preface the beginning of this with a few minor facts:

A few things I believe in:

  • Freedom
  • Karma
  • Chi
  • The inevitability of human stupidity
  • Enlightenment is the ultimate end-all
  • Your gut, or instinct, is right 98% of the time
  • You must accept the fact that one day you will die – only in this way can you truly live

Things I will be blogging about:

  • Philosophy (90% of the make-up)
  • Death
  • The Martial Arts
  • (Im)Morality
  • Sustainability
  • Politics (note the ‘inevitability of human stupidity’ reference above)

This will be similar to my last blog, but also different in that I’ll be bringing more contemporary topics to the table and throwing in a few political jabs here and there (with most probably directed at the almost-vice-president-of-the-2008-election).

So here we go, a new beginning. As this blog progresses, please…interact with it. Let the comments section be a living, breathing conversation. Our best philosophy and realizations come from interaction and debate. That’s what I want to happen here.


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One Response to “time for a change”

  1. Ken Says:

    I think that what is represented by our internal belief system, or ‘what lies within us’ is close to the same as our outward actions. Action is the outward manifestation of our inward thoughts and who we really are. It is sometimes hard for me to differntiate the two as I see them so intertwined. Glad to see you are reevaluating yourself. This is always a good thing. Look forward to reading more of your thoughts and expressions. They are certainly thought-provoking.

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