i don’t want to be god


And I would think any who would want that power to be somewhat sociopathic. Imagine it, and I mean really imagine it: immeasurable, unquantifiable power in the palm of your hand. Breathe and you kill thousands in a mudslide. Cough and you  have the baby boom. Turn your head and there’s genocide in Europe. You can’t let the whole world live forever. People have to die to make room for new life. How would you handle that responsibility?

i wish…

Whenever we say “I wish”, we essentially wish for the power of god (I may be taking this to an extreme, but stick with me on this one – there’s a point). We wish something wasn’t the way it was or something was the way it wasn’t. We wish for power. We wish for control. When the truth of the matter is that we have no control. And we never will. We are powerless. And we always will be. But why would we want that control? That power? What good would come from such predictability? Anything you wished for would just happen. Snap your fingers and the most beautiful person in the world is in your arms, enamored with you. Blink twice and your most hated enemy is dead. No effort is required for any notable achievement…not that killing someone is a notable achievement…but I digress.

we are but mere mortals

Imagine being immortal. Living forever. Would we honestly want that? Would we want to never die? This would inhibit us from truly living in the moment.

Think of it: as a god, you could see all the beauty of the world, knowing it would be there the next day because you would be and you could create it. Could control it. You would always be there the next day. You never have the inevitability of death to force your immediate appreciation. Hence why we must let death hang over our heads like a specter in waiting. We must realize that each day the possibility exists that a four-seat, single-engine plane could crash into our building and kill us. We could be shot on the street for the paper in our wallet. We could be diagnosed with cancer and realize our destructibility in a meeting with our doctor. Feel that mortality. Embrace it. And let your life shine all the brighter because of it! For this moment is your finest hour.

“gods envy us”

That entire movie was worth watching for the sake of that one scene and this one line: “You will never be lovelier than you are now.” Screw the fight scene between Achilles and Hector. Who cares about the love between Paris and and Helen. In this one interaction between Achilles and Briseis we can find more meaning than in all of the other battles and dramatic scenes combined.

Give me the unpredictability of mortality. Give me the freedom that is inherent in an impending doom. Give me liberty AND give me death…although preferably not for at least a few years! 🙂

For you will never be more free or more alive than you are now.


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