fight the good fight


Ever have a moral dilemma where you know you can’t win?

I haven’t had one in a while, so a situation I encountered a while back brought this to the forefront of my cognitive process. Can’t really elaborate too much on the situation – as too much detail tends to get me in trouble 🙂 – but a few weeks back, someone made a decision that grated on my moral sensibilities to the enth degree. I wanted to bring my argument to this person but sought advice first.

I was told I wouldn’t win the argument. I was told to pick my battles. But I knew I was right.

I’m reminded of a scene from the movie Braveheart. It’s a nondescript scene when William Wallace is still a child. In a meeting of Scottish village leaders, they decide to attack the English in retaliation for the murders of hundreds of their kinsmen. They understand that they cannot beat the English, and when one man raises this protest, Wallace’s father says, “We don’t have to beat them. We just have to fight them.”

He died in that battle. I lost in my argument.

But it’s OK. Because sometimes it’s not about winning. Sometimes it’s just about fighting the good fight.



2 Responses to “fight the good fight”

  1. Rich Myerly Says:

    Absolutely! Stand up for your feelings/standards/ethics/morals/guiding principles. If you don’t communicate your perspective, others won’t understand you….. If dealing with “superiors” (a term I challenge often!) at work, keeping it respectful allows you to get the point across and still keep the peace. Winning every time isn’t the goal – keeping your principles and morals intact, living your life by your standards is the goal. And yes, sometimes we have to let stuff go that is in conflict with our view – the fight is keeping that to a minimum. If the issue is too big to let go, then you have some exciting decisions to make!

  2. Mr. Durden Says:

    Totally. I’m proud of you. Let them have it. I lose most fights I argue simply cause I am bad at debating, so all I try to do is to get the point across, be heard, then let them juggle it around in their head if they choose to. Nice work. Stand up for you ideas.

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