the culling


Culling has a pretty negative connotation in the English language. We tend to think of animals or people being weeded out of existence in order to foster desirable traits…well, I do anyway. I want you to think of culling in terms of your personal “stuff.”

American society and TV shows like Cribs teach us that in order to be successful we should have lots of stuff. We should own a house. We should drive a car or two. We should have an infinity pool with a built-in deck. We should have the latest mobile app. We should have an iPad. More money = bigger and better things = a larger sense of accomplishment. And everybody wants that, right?

I know most of you are probably reading this and consciously thinking, “No, that’s not what’s important.” But in our subconscious, most of us do feel like that – even if we don’t “believe” it. So don’t post something akin to that in the comments if you’re thinking of doing that! It’s a very difficult mindset to tear yourself away from. I still haven’t quite yet. Hell, I just bought a PS3 a month ago that I didn’t and don’t need.

Materialism = trying to fill the void that is life with a bunch of shit we don’t need.

“The things you own end up owning you”

simplify yourself

We need to simplify ourselves, and a good way to do that is to begin with our materialistic “stuff.”

That’s easy enough to say and to believe in, but how exactly do we do this? What’s that first step?

Hence, we have the culling. Personally, I like to go room by room (I do this once a year). Clean out a closet. Check underneath your bed. Head up into your attic. Open the garage. Think of it in terms of reorganizing. For example, with the coming of the nice weather to Cleveland, I was pretty pumped to turn my attic (a second floor, really) into my office – minus the cubicle, phone and work e-mail. So the other day I spent a couple hours reorganizing my attic, making it more into an office/library. As I was reorganizing, I came across so much crap that I nearly filled up a garbage bag with what wasn’t recyclable. It was a fantastic feeling to get rid of things I don’t and will never use. Plus, if/when it ever comes time to move, you don’t have to worry about packing it up and moving it! Or if I get hit by a train or eaten by a black bear anytime soon, it’s less crap my family has to sift through.

One less thing, right?

So try culling your belongings. Become a little more minimalist. You may be surprised with your results.

Get your mind right.


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One Response to “the culling”

  1. Mr. Durden Says:

    Hells yes! Perfect video. People think I like fight club because of the fighting and fucking and brad pitt. Granted these things are cool, however, merely a bonus to the movie. Its the meaning of it all. It probably would hit home to many more american (males especially) if they wouldn’t shut out the ideas or stop believing they are so strong and independent. In reality we are so far away from the natural meaning of us being on this planet. It is a challenge to stay out of modern living and go back to your natural way. Especially because we are a generation raised by “civilized” people.

    Now I am not saying I would do this, but I’m not saying that I wouldn’t. It definitely entertains my mind, and I often fantasize about it. I know I would have a much harder time doing it than thinking it. I’m not sure if I would even survive.

    The whole culling idea, I am a fan of. I am real excited you wrote about this, Jeff. Totally hit the spot. My mind is going a mile a minute, and I am a little disappointed in myself of all my material possessions that I would be heart broken if they were taken away suddenly. (I read this entry off of my blackberry phone btw) Because you wrote this, I am going to do some spring cleaning soon. Then I am going to reclean and look at all my possessions and junk a little more seriously and start pitching!!! Thanks bud.

    Cheers to you

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