a.k.a. see you in hell: part II

If you have not already, click here to read the “see you in hell” blog post. It’s essentially the introduction to this one.

This is what it all boils down to: we’re shackled to a fear of death.

In an effort to delay this inevitability as much as possible, we extend our lifespans as much as possible. We force ourselves to live longer merely out of a fear of dying. We let ourselves become physically handicapped, utterly fragile beings – to the point where we need someone to care for us in order to survive. Is that really a way to live?

but this is why…

…we destroy the earth. This is why we build huge machines that spew harmful substances in the air and spill countless gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. This is why we cut down rain forests, pour sewage into rivers and just steamroll nature with abandon – because nature can kill us, and that scares us. So we create a controlled environment that allows us the chance to live longer, “fuller” lives.

Nature is balance, and we’ve unbalanced everything.

Because if someone gets bitten by a rattlesnake or a brown recluse spider, it’s a tragedy. It was too soon for that person to die. If someone drowns in a river or falls off a cliff, more safety precautions must be made and enforced. New initiatives must be launched to avoid “premature” deaths. We’re burying ourselves in legality and paperwork, running the cogs of the machine into the ground, in a futile effort of self-preservation. We’re burying the very thing that makes us human in an effort to be as immortal as possible. In essence, we’re hiding from death.


We’re deathly afraid of the most natural thing in the world – pun very intended. Death has to be natural for a reason, right? So it can’t be that bad. Sure, getting there may stink sometimes. It hurts a bit for most people. But what’s life without pain? What’s life without hurt? It’s unrealistic. Life is suffering. And instead of embracing that suffering and striving toward something greater than ourselves, we resist it. All in the name of convenience and longevity. All in the name of masked fear.

If we can come to grips with the fact – and I mean truly come to grips, realize it every waking moment – with the fact that we will die…if we can utterly eradicate our fear of what’s beyond the realm of our own petty lives – maybe we can separate ourselves from this cycle of destruction at which we humans are so adept.

step by step

Step 1: Live simply.

Step 2: Eradicate your fear of death. (I will provide methods in future posts – you have to employ them, plus find your own way to cope with your mortality)

Step 3: I think 1 and 2 are enough for now.

Only when we eradicate our fear of death can we ever truly be unshackled.


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