i wanna go crazy with you


A friend told me this past summer that everybody is always looking for love. I thought it to be an interesting perspective, if a little bit simplistic. But then, most times the simplest way is the most sensible way.

Lately I’ve been listening to Tim McGraw’s new single “Felt Good on My Lips,” and it brings to mind again this concept of everybody always looking for love.

I want your thoughts on this, but allow me to offer my perspective first (I mean, it is my blog after all):

I wouldn’t say I’m looking for love, per se. I’m looking for someone I can go crazy with. Someone with whom I can cut loose, do things I wouldn’t normally do on my own, and enjoy the things more that I DO normally do on my own. Is that what love’s about?

I’m not sure. But this song isn’t about love, at least in its classical definition. It’s about living wild and free in the moment, enjoying life for the simple pleasures. Whether it be the sound of someone’s name, singing the lyrics of a song you don’t know, drinking an unfamiliar drink or kissing unfamiliar lips.

an unforgettable night

I did exactly that just this past weekend. I went to dinner with a girl to a place I never would have gone on my own (or even found, in all likelihood). We went to a hole-in-the-wall bar afterward where they let you smoke inside, and just lost ourselves in a couple games of pool, a few good songs and each other’s company. It’s an incredible feeling, just living for the night and flipping the bird to tomorrow. We swing danced, we sang, we smoked cigarettes as we lined up our shot on the pool table. It was raw, innocent and pure, untarnished by senses of self-worth, superficial misgivings and reality television.

We all need to cut loose and go crazy sometimes, losing ourselves in the lucid oblivion of present circumstance. While we’re young, be young and stupid. If we’re old, become young and stupid again, even if just for a moment.

WITH as opposed to a mere with

And sometimes…sometimes we understand that it’s nice to go crazy with someone else. And I don’t just mean with someone else, I mean WITH someone else. To feel the sun on your shoulders and the wind at your back with someone at your side. It reminds me of Bob Seger’s “Roll Me Away.” This guy takes his motorcycle for a ride, stops in at a bar and meets a girl who decides to ride with him for a time. They end up not lasting the duration of the song, but that’s not the point. The point is that they had that time together in the first place. They celebrated their lives WITH someone, as opposed to with someone.

There’s definitely a romanticism to being alone, rolling down the highway with your only concern being your personal Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. “Here I Go Again On My Own” has always resonated with me, but there comes a time when being a lone wolf just isn’t enough. There comes a time when going crazy WITH someone else is exactly what you need.

Your thoughts?

I wrote this post in the dead of night and in less than 10 minutes. A famous writer once said you never have to change something you got up in the middle of the night to write, so I’m not changing anything. Straight from the heart right onto the computer screen. No hesitation (aside from a little editing, but I’m an OU PR kid – editing is in the marrow of my bones. And if some grammar nut reads this and noticed me ending the second sentence in the fourth paragraph with the word “with”, shove it). This shit’s authentic. Hah! Now go do something fucking stupid, like writing “fucking” in a blog that you know your boss reads.


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6 Responses to “i wanna go crazy with you”

  1. Uncle John & Aunt Ann Says:

    Yikes! We agree, in degrees.

  2. Uncle John & Aunt Ann Says:

    Not “to what degree”, but “in degrees” as in a continueum (sp?).

  3. Zre Says:

    I don’t think that everyone’s looking for love, as your friend says. Some people are first looking to love themselves, and other people are looking to get away.

    I agree more with your thoughts: someone to “go crazy with,” do things I wouldn’t normally do on my own, and enjoy the things more that I DO normally.”

    So much of life is a worry in your head, a question in your head, an uncertainty that tells you not to cross that forbidden line. But when you’re in love, that person wants you to leap over the line, they want to push you over the line, and they want to join you on the other side of the line. You trust them enough to feel that it’s okay. Deep down, I think we WANT to do these things anyways, but it’s the company that makes you feel comfortable. I don’t even think it has to be when you’re in love. I think that good friends can assist you as well. They can make you drive to Chicago and run in a race with fire and barbed wire and crazy beards… you know, or something like that.

  4. jeffhirz Says:

    Yes, good friends can assist you with doing crazy things like running Warrior Dashes, and you can have those semi-transcendental experiences with people you’re not necessarily in love with, but love as a friend or relative.

    I do think everybody wants love, though, even if they’re not actively pursuing it. And people who want to get away are always running toward something, even if they only feel like they’re running away.

    I don’t know, I think in a weird, twisted way, everybody is searching for their own idea of love, whether it’s getting married in a chapel or running warrior dashes with friends.

  5. nikki d Says:

    i would have gone with ‘against the wind’ by seger

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