a new direction


This blog will soon be taking on a relatively new direction – accompanied by a new name, a new overall look and feel and a slightly altered perspective. The core tenets will remain the same (see tag words in right-hand column), but the angle will be changing a bit.

Since the fall I’ve been feeling that “livin’ like a freebird” just doesn’t jive well with the nature of my posts. And, in fact, it doesn’t. Plain and simple. I’ve had this theme of a blog post since my sophomore year in college and it’s time for a change.

Come this May I will alter the direction, with some preview posts accompanied by video leading up to it. You’ll get some slight hints along the way as to the new name, but nothing concrete until May 16.

Until then (and after then), keep reading, keep commenting and, above all else, please keep arguing 🙂


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