the beginning of motivational mondays


Mondays suck, huh? It’s the beginning of the work week and most people would rather be doing things other than sitting in an office or just working on someone else’s agenda for 8-9 hours.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed Mondays – even before breaking free of the 9-5 lifestyle. Here’s why:

mental preparation

Every Monday I wake up intent on setting a few short-term goals to complete before the day was over. By setting just a few short-term goals, I could see immediate progress, thus motivating myself further. I then set a loose schedule for the rest of the week and adhere to that as I could, given emergencies and issues that need an immediate response. Operate in the short-term, plan for the long-term.

By doing this, I made Monday the most productive day of the week. My best work and my most intense periods of concentration naturally occurred on Mondays as a result of adopting this mental attitude.

make monday night your bitch

My motivational Monday philosophy really started in high school. I ran a martial arts class every Monday night after some of our other instructors backed out. I had been at the mercy of boring, banal senior instructors who could have been making the class more fun and challenging. Now it was my turn to take the reins.

I was young and full of vigor, and upped the intensity of the workouts tenfold. I integrated different approaches into the teaching and learning process, making those two hours much more exciting and interesting for the students. I would then stay after class for upwards of an hour, giving private instruction to those who wanted it. It was liberating and it was my drug.

In college, my Monday nights transformed into meeting three buddies at The Pub in Athens for $1 draft night. After a couple months of that, we started to get a bit of a following. Many of the kids in my major started to attend, and before we knew what happened we had 15-20 people in regular attendance. Little did I know what that would do to my reputation among my friends in the PR crowd, though haha. A little change of pace from the martial arts Mondays, but the end result was still the same (in a manner of speaking): Monday was still my favorite day of the week.

By making a point to plan something fun or stimulating every Monday night, you have something to look forward to during the day. It’s the reason you keep pounding the keyboard and picking up the phone. It’s the reason you go to class and work your ass off until the evening, knowing you’ll be rewarded later that night. It’s rewarding yourself for a job well done. Whether you do this thing for 10 minutes or 4 hours, you’ve earned that time for yourself.

Pat yourself on the back, friend, and do what you love every Monday night.

motivational mondays

Motivational Mondays will now become a staple of this blog. Every Monday you’ll get a juicy nugget of goodness from either me or someone way smarter than me (although that doesn’t really make for slim pickings).

Please feel free to comment below with your ideas and suggestions for what you do to motivate yourself on Mondays. Whether it’s mental, physical, spiritual, relaxing, or just plain idiotic and crazy, I want to hear about it. This blog is about interaction – so interact!


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4 Responses to “the beginning of motivational mondays”

  1. Gina Says:

    I confess I have no Monday Motivation, but am enticed by the idea…so I’ll give it a shot! So tonight, I begin My Monday Madness with um, ah, um……………….a walk and a drink. Not extremely creative, but perhaps what I need, you know? For motivation..

    • jeffhirz Says:

      Soooo….how’d it go? 🙂

      For the record, I think that’s a FANTASTIC way to spend some time on Monday.

      • Gina Says:

        Not so good…didn’t walk cuz I had to pick up my daughter from a friend’s and went to bed instead of a drink. 😦 But yesterday was a much better day perhaps in anticipation of doing something for myself even tho I didn’t do it. Just took a walk this afternoon and there’s always hope for a drink tonight! And of course, Motivational Monday will come again…

  2. Zre Says:

    I offered up free Melt on facebook … and had no takers! Oh well, I went for a run in the rain; those are the best runs. People look at you like you’re that idiot in the movie who’s looking for his epiphany, and I’m okay with that.

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