i choose anger


yosemite sam - madI get angry at the bar I work at. Why does that jerk have to order food at 1:30 a.m.? Why do those drunk guys have to be such douche bags? Why didn’t the bartender tip me out more? Why won’t that hot girl make eye contact with me? (just kidding – they always make eye contact……)

I got anxious at the 9-5 I worked at. Was I producing good work? Did I do enough research? Did I miss an important concept in my outline? Will they like my next press release?

If I had to choose between anxiety or anger, I’d choose anger.

Anger is a motivating emotion. It incites action. Granted, not always the most positive action. But I would rather be doing something, anything, than be hunkered down in my desk chair, controlled by my fear. I lost a lot of my self-confidence over the years because I was afraid. I was producing good work (at times haha), but to me that just means I am not meant to be living that lifestyle.

Anxiety is caused by fear – an inherently crippling emotion. I don’t have time to be afraid. I need to jump out of that plane tomorrow. I need to write these books and short stories. I need to travel and reconnect with friends. No time for fear.

upset the balance

I grew up a very tame individual. I rarely got angry because it wasn’t often worth the emotional investment. After all, I’d rather be happy, right? People see anger as confrontational. It throws things off-balance and upsets normalcy.

On the flip side of the coin, we need to upset that balance time and again. If things are too often kept on an even keel, nothing would change. We couldn’t develop emotionally or mentally. So in a certain light, anger represents change. Anxiety keeps you from changing – often the fearful are the ones more afraid of change than anything else.

So I choose anger.


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3 Responses to “i choose anger”

  1. susiecleveland Says:

    Jeff… you’re a very patient individual… just a thought here… working 2 jobs… might you just be more tired than angry??

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