motivational mondays – you’re gonna die


Death. The ultimate equalizer. The source of so many people’s fear about so many irrational prospects. What if I told you that by embracing your own death you are embracing life more fully than ever? That each moment will feel that much more alive, that much more vibrant.

Most people have probably stopped reading by now. And do you know why? Fear (or boredom). People fear death. They don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to confront it. The only times it enters their consciousness is when someone close to them dies and they are forced to embrace the truth – that some day, somewhere, you will die. In fact, it might be within five minutes of where you are right this second. And why not?

To fear your own death is to fear the only inevitability in life. Nothing is guaranteed, save the fact that one day your heart will stop beating. Life and death exist in harmony, one balancing the other like yin and yang, like good and evil, like Simon and Garfunkel. It’s natural.

visualize your death

The key to living well is to realize this fact. Not just understand it, but to internalize it. To make it part of your daily living. And it’s not even paradoxical, except for those who refuse to really think about it. And I mean REALLY think about it. It’s a liberating form of meditation and will allow you to feel the emotions that will accompany your final moments. Fear. Loss. Resentment. Regret. You don’t want those to linger in your head during your final moments – your death is YOUR moment. The most glorious one you will ever have. Embrace it. It’s the most alive you’ll ever be.

grim reaperDo it. Visualize your own death. Will it be when your car gets T-boned driving to work, smashing your head against the driver’s side window and killing you instantly? Visualize the blood. Or maybe you’ll be cleaning your gutters this October when you lose your balance and fall from a second-story roof, hitting the grass at an unlucky angle and breaking your neck. Visualize your neck’s unnatural angle. Or better yet, what about an aneurysm? One second you’re walking down the sidewalk, cookies-and-cream ice-cream cone in hand – the next you’re experiencing the most intense pain of your life in a split second and suddenly drop dead. Visualize your body lying still on the sidewalk.

Maybe it will be in 10 years…maybe it will be in one week…maybe it will be tomorrow…maybe it will be in one hour. It’s unpredictable. It’s uncertain. But it will happen.

take it to the limit

Your embracing of death should be your motivation to do something meaningful – today. Do something unpredictable, foreign to your normative behaviors. Something people wouldn’t expect of you. Take a risk, damn it! Escape from your usual Monday routine and tell the world to go kiss its ass while you do what you want to do. Lose control and lose yourself in the act of living.

By losing your fear of death you become unbound by contemporary constraints – whether that be the fear of pursuing your dreams, the fear presented by the unfamiliar, the fear of becoming a social outcast – anything! You just need to look your own grim reaper in his skeletal face and say, in your own special way, “Go fuck yourself.” (that’s how I say it, anyway)

This is your time, and you haven’t got much of it left.

Now if that isn’t motivation on a Monday, I don’t know what is.


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3 Responses to “motivational mondays – you’re gonna die”

  1. Matt Says:

    Great post Jeff. I like your perspective. Two things:
    1. Simon & Garfunkel don´t balance each other out like yin and yang. Simon carries Garfunkel´s sorry ass.
    2. I think you´ll really enjoy and related to this short blurb by Rich Franklin, a UFC fighter.

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