when beauty fades


Dying flowerWhen beauty has faded,

where will you turn?

When beauty has faded,

what fire will burn?

When beauty has faded,

will you remember its core?

When beauty has faded,

will you dig deeper for more?

We put trust in appearance,

in nice shiny things.

We adore accumulation,

and the wealth that it brings.

But is it wealth that it brings,

or misery instead?

For what wealth can be had,

when we all end up dead?

Will that Coach purse come with you,

to the grave six feet under?

Or that beautiful woman,

who tears your heart asunder?

How bout the diamond ring

and the veneer of beauty it brings?

Or that sofa and loveseat,

where you kick up your feet?

Nay, none of it will join you

as you lie ‘neath your engraving.

So what’s the purpose, what’s the point,

of all of these foolish cravings?

We want and we want,

so we can take it for granted.

Because after some time,

we’re no longer enchanted.

For the beauty it fades,

like night into day,

like a harsh stab of pain,

like a cold spring rain.

Nothing will last,

even earth will feed the flames.

So for all this, what can we do,

when we meet with no acclaim?

Well I’ll tell you one thing,

that I know for sure.

When I learn of the answer,

I’ll give you all the grand tour.


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5 Responses to “when beauty fades”

  1. Mr. Durden Says:

    You’re a poet and you didn’t even know it!

  2. Sir Trollington Says:

    Twas the night before August, and all through the house,
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
    Except for a blogger, whose poems he thought cool,
    But to the eardrum, his stanzas were cruel.
    While he’s used to blog posts on philosophy,
    He thought he’d try his deft hand at poetry.
    So he picked out a rhyme scheme that was Dr.Seuss-esque
    And jotted down concepts while at his desk.
    Alas, the young man was no Shakespeare,
    The proof is the poem he posted here.
    My main critique, between you and me,
    Is that his poem lacked all subtlety.
    Where is the metaphor, so brilliantly hidden?
    Instead he questions a world beauty-ridden.
    One stanza is rhymeless, and not very timely,
    Another Old English, sounds far too limey.
    Your blog is quite interesting, I must say,
    But the poem’s inner meaning is plain as day.
    Were you drinking an alcholic tonic?
    Because it’s beauty is lost, which is rather ironic
    While poetry is not yet your forte,
    Stick with your blog posts is what I would say.
    Keep up the good work with those, you are improving,
    But poetry is not the direction you should be moving.
    There is one last picture I want you to see,
    Google search “Trolface.jpg”

    • jeffhirz Says:

      Haha. That. Was. Awesome. Well done, Sir Trollington. Unlike your take on my poetry, I am impressed.

      • Sir Trollington Says:

        Im pleased by your response, for that was a test,
        To see if you take criticism bad like the rest.
        But you have passed with flying colors,
        Which has not been the same for many others.
        The skill you have, I can honestly say,
        Is important for up and coming writers today.
        Do not stop from posting- for you will get better,
        With each written sentence, phrase, and letter.
        Poets, like all great men, are made not born,
        And get better for each of their works that they’ve torn.
        My critiquing is honest, please take it to heart,
        I cannot wait for your improvement to start!
        I’ll assist your poetry, if that is your desire,
        Hopefully I can take your poems levels higher.
        But should you decide you do not approve,
        And that my comments are far too rude,
        I will cease fire, on that you can bet,
        I apologize for errors due to autocorrect.

      • jeffhirz Says:

        Very interested, actually. What is it that you’re offering? Forgive me the fact that my response is not a poem. You can email me at jeffhirz@gmail.com if you’d like.

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