the smell


The smell.

That’s what I always notice first about the rain. Not the feel of it on my skin. Not the sound of it on the tin awning outside the window. Not even the sight of it drifting in sheets through the orange glow of the solitary streetlight. It’s the smell that sends that wholesome reverberation, starting at the nose, throughout the body.

There’s a purity to the rain, to water. Perhaps it’s the analogous “washing away” of filth, of past sins. We feel clean after water has touched our skin. We feel either energized or refreshed (or both). Whether it’s a hot shower, playing with bubbles in our bath as children, or midnight skinny dipping with friends in the lake. No matter the source, the disposition, or the quantity, there’s a purity and a constancy to its effects on the allegorical soul.

I enjoy the simple pleasure of standing in the rain on purpose. It’s not that I feel purified or some such nonsense. It’s just nice to feel the steady rhythm of nature’s beating drum on my skin, in my hair, on my lips, reminding me that no matter what happened that day or night, the world continues to function, much as it did before I drew my first wailing breath, and much as it will after the memory of my existence is forgotten. The rain allows me to reflect on the inconsequential events of my life, and just be content to have experienced anything at all. Thus am I able to make peace with my own inevitable death.

But no matter what, even after the last drop evaporates from my skin, even after the last pattering sounds its final dirge on the tin awning, and even after the last faint glistening reflected in that streetlight glow disappears, no matter what, the smell lingers.


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3 Responses to “the smell”

  1. enochardenandzarathustra Says:

    That’s why I am always outside or looking up my friend.

  2. Chase Grimm (your former friend) Says:


    I enjoyed your frequent use of imagery in this post. It helped me to think about how I perceive natural phenomena (such as rain). The next time it rains, I am going to stand outside and try to adopt your mindset (I seriously am. No joke.) This is the first time I have ever read your blog; as you have failed to inform me that you have one. I forgive you. I would also like to say that I am attracted to your style of writing (this is not some sort of sexual advance). Language Arts is one subject that I will be licensed to teach here in a few months. You probably didn’t know that given the fact that you never talk to me. Regardless, I am constantly looking to read interesting stuff and improve my writing. By reading your posts, I think I might be able to accomplish just that. Love you.

    • jeffhirz Says:

      Hello, former friend! Thanks for the comment bud, glad to hear you liked it so much. And you’re gonna be teaching language arts soon? Shit…god help the youth of America.

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