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A friend recently posted a link on my Facebook wall – I’m assuming it was in response to my post from a couple weeks ago: the importance of disconnecting, but I could be wrong :). The link took me to a story about a 24-year-old college student named Jake Reilly who embraced a technology-free lifestyle for 90 days, eliminating his cell phone, social media accounts and email. He dubbed these 90 days “The Amish Project,” and found his way to a more fulfilling lifestyle than he had ever known:

  • He forged a deeper relationship with his closest friends
  • He realized some of his closest friends weren’t so close after all
  • He revived a dying romance
  • Experienced higher levels of productivity
  • Got better grades
  • Got creative with ways he had fun – and had more of it
  • Started meditating

Think of how much time we waste mindlessly combing through online platforms, reading articles, watching YouTube videos and cyber-stalking. Most times when we engage in activities like that, we enter what my mentor calls “robot mode.” No thought required. Just mindless online navigation, reading or watching what other people wrote or made.

Maybe it’s time to wake up.
Maybe it’s time to come back to reality.
Maybe it’s time to experience real life once again.

If you’re looking for ways to change your life for the better, form good habits and eliminate bad ones, or just simply be happier, a trial run akin to Reilly’s Amish Project is a great way to start.


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2 Responses to “motivational mondays – the amish project”

  1. mpavia211 Says:

    I read this article/interview on Yahoo! last week. Great stuff! Did you know this guy is Rick Reilly’s son (from ESPN)???

  2. Silence Is Golden | If You Give You Begin To Live Says:

    […] Motivational Mondays – The Amish Project (via […]

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