kid, you’ll move mountains


oh the places you'll goDreams are a precarious thing. Prone to change, prone to falter, they can just as easily consume you as they can evade your grasp.

I’ve learned much about the pursuit of dreams these past 10 months – fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not sure which. As a friend of mine would say, “It’s not all kittens and butterflies.”

The intricacies of writing appear boundless, and my dreams seem to ride their own see-saw. One day inspired and the words flow effortlessly. The next day discouraged on a whim. When 1 hour = approx. 300 words, and the average short story ranges between 2,000 – 4,000 words . . . well, you get the picture. And that doesn’t even touch upon the rewrite, which takes longer.

This is not a craft for the weak-willed. Although I’m not sure any craft is, if one seeks to master it. Kittens and butterflies, certainly not.

But we’re just getting started. And in the words of Eli Young, keep on dreamin, even if it breaks your heart.

The submissions begin this week.

The need for motivation, self-discipline and perseverance – that lingers.



2 Responses to “kid, you’ll move mountains”

  1. cherylhuffer Says:

    Good luck submitting. I am going to try my hand at more than daily posts this summer as well. People do this for a living. We’re people. See the connection?

    • Jeff Hirz Says:

      Haha I do! I do! Thanks Cheryl!

      I’m moving to NYC at the end of May (only for a couple months). Must needs grab a drink before I go!

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