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people are awesome


I got home today around noon and realized I had the next five hours of my life to do whatever it is I wished. Five hours. Mid-day. No plans.

I got depressed.

Has this ever happened to you? You realize that you have an enormous amount of time to do, accomplish and/or experience so many things, and it simply overwhelms you? There are innumerable things in my life I know I should be doing:

  • Putting the finishing touches on The Little Handbook for my Beta readers
  • Prepping for my new website launch
  • Training for the Akron Half-Marathon, then the subsequent Indianapolis Half-Marathon (which I’m attempting to do barefoot)
  • Finish reading Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World
  • I don’t know, some push-ups or something . . .

But I just can’t get my tired ass off my steps. I sit, staring blankly at my phone, pondering my priorities and what needs to get done.

everything happens, sometimes, for a reason

Then I stumble upon this:

I’m of the mindset that while everything may not happen for a reason, there is a reason everything happens . . . yeah.

Thus, I have decided to start my full-fledged Parkour training today. Not sure what Parkour is? Check it:

Not sure what will happen when I start doing flips and tumbles? This seems about right:

Here goes! (minus the jean shorts)


my first product release


For the past two months, this blog has represented what it means to be inconsistent. Symbolic of laziness, like me living with my parents. The epitome of irregularity, like an unhealthy woman’s period.

However you want to phrase it.

So for those of you sitting and staring at your inbox, perched on the edge of your seat with a slight dribble plopping onto your ergonomic keyboard as you await my next blog post, I have but one thing to offer: my excuse.

a first time for everything

For the past three months I have been working voraciously and ravenously, excitedly and jovially, on my very first product release.

Yes, I said it. Close shut that jaw with an audible click, please. After more than a year of inconsistent, second-shift employment and more time off than I’ve had since I was 12, my very first product is nearly done and ready to be released to the ever-demanding public.

And when this product rolls out in all its magic, NO LONGER will I have to answer the question, “So what have you written?” when people ask me “What do you do?” with “Nothing, yet.”

NO LONGER will I have to justify to my girlfriend’s relatives my impulsive, semi-poorly planned decision to quit my job and launch my career as a writer with claims to the fact that “I’m working on it.”

NO LONGER will I feel the pseudo-shame of the self-touted writer yet unpublished author, the self-conscious blogger who talks about people pursuing their dreams yet doesn’t seem to be doing just that.

the little handbook

This new product, to be released at my earliest convenience (i.e. when I’m no longer ashamed of its quality), is philosophical in nature and revolves around the ancient Taoist script, the Tao Te Ching. Not quite sure what Taoism is? Wikipedia can help.

I have dubbed it The Little Handbook and am tentatively announcing its release date as “late September.”

Stay tuned for more updates about The Little Handbook, as well as an announcement regarding my new blog!