4th last post – top 10 blog posts


And as the end of this blog begins, as stated in yesterday’s post, I reflect back on some of my most popular posts throughout the ages.

I’ve never really evaluated which of my posts were the top performers, but it’s pretty interesting when I look at the top posts and then evaluate traffic patterns and sources. Regarding the latter, some advice to fellow bloggers: use alt tags on your images.

Here are my top 10 posts that have generated the most qualified traffic over the past three years:

10.) i hate doing laundry
Pub date: June 11, 2010

I always hate looking back at old writing. Anything from a year back or more normally makes me cringe, as I’m sure one year from now this post will, too. At first I was surprised this one made it into the top 10. But then I read it again and, even though it’s poorly written, it’s a straightforward, no-B.S. talk about balance and its importance in our daily lives.

9.) one-year anniversary – why i quit my job
Pub date: July 15, 2012

Not surprised about this one – or #4. This theme resonated well with my readers, even if many of them considered me a lunatic for doing it.

8.) the luckiest cowboy
Pub date: May 24, 2012

I wrote this post in an hour after I watched the video you’ll find in the post. One of my rare overtly uplifting posts, I loved it because of its focus on love, humility and compassion. This was one of the posts that made me realize my tagline “cynical realism for the common man” was no longer appropriate for the way I viewed the world.

7.) motivational mondays – you’re gonna die
Pub date: July 25, 2011

Posts about death are always some of my personal favorites. Probably because most people find the concept morbid, while I find it enlivening. Pun intended.

6.) 10,000 hours
Pub date: Feb. 9, 2012

A fascinating concept, that it takes 10,000 hours of constant practice to master any one thing in life. My guess is this post got most of its traffic from search, given it’s awesomely optimized title. Thanks Malcolm Gladwell.

5.) the minimalists were here
Pub date: May 3, 2012

Me and the Minimalists

left to right – me, Josh, Ryan

This past May I got the opportunity to meet two of my favorite bloggers, Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, when they visited Cleveland on their 33-city meet-up tour (they have another tour coming up – more info here). I summed up their visit and discussed the concept of minimalism and what it has meant to me over the years.

4.) why i quit my job
Pub date: July 3, 2011

This post represented the initiation of a new phase in my life. In June 2011 I quit my 9-5 job and made the written word the focal point of my life. My mission in life is to be a full-time writer – of everything. Including novels, magazine articles, short stories, poetry, and, of course, blogs. The next 14 months, as I discussed in my one-year anniversary post listed above, contained some of the most self-revealing experiences I’ve ever had. And I realized I didn’t like all that I saw.

3.) be like despereaux
Pub date: May 5, 2011

Are you a man or a mouse? “A mouse.” (literally)

2.) i choose anger
Pub date: July 15, 2011

Knowing when and how much to be angry is the sign of a self-disciplined, critically thinking, semi-enlightened individual.

I’m not quite there yet.

1.) creating our universe
Pub date: Sept. 9, 2012

The launching pad to instant WordPress fame (kind of), this post increased my monthly traffic by 400%, and my subscriber base by more than that. I think it resonated with the Freshly Pressed community because it spoke simply about returning to our roots and becoming like children again, appreciative of all the world around us.

And a couple other blog posts that get honorable mentions: motivational mondays – running barefoot (pub date: June 25, 2012), and it rained on her wedding day (pub date: Oct. 5, 2010).

But it’s time to start saying goodbye to livin’ like a freebird and to usher in a new era. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see where that takes us.


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