3rd last post – a muted death


2 years, 9 months, 90 blog posts, 286 comments, 37 tags and 1 category later, I am abandoning the WordPress mutation of livin’ like a freebird in favor of a brand that more accurately depicts me. While it has been the beloved title of my blog for the past seven years, it’s time for it to change along with me.

from angry to cynical

For years I was an angry college undergrad on Blogger and used livin’ like a freebird as a sounding board to vent all my frustrations against college, against the institution, against the unfairness of it all, and against the Man (in hindsight, being on Blogger was probably why I was so angry). But then I grew up a little and realized my idealistic anger was misdirected and senseless, as I was doing nothing about it. I entered the post-grad arena and transitioned from Blogger to the wonderful world of WordPress.

Before that transition I realized I wasn’t angry anymore, but rather I had become cynical.

from cynical to open

How a 23-year-old becomes a bona fide cynic, I’m not really sure, but it happened. Thus I dubbed my blog “livin’ like a freebird: cynical realism for the common man.” And it worked. My most critical, semi-seriously-disapproving friend agreed “cynical realism” was the perfect fit.

For a time.

Over the years, as small snippets of wisdom and knowledge implanted themselves unwittingly in my brain, I began to realize I was starting to become . . . well, not cynical. I was more open, more understanding, more empathetic. I questioned rather than condemned.

It’s easy to condemn and not offer any solutions. Over the course of the past three years I recognized my own hypocrisy and my voice changed. My perspective shifted, almost without me realizing it.

And so, this blog falls to the wayside, a muted death in the eclectic blogosphere, one star winking out among thousands.

To be revived in another form this Friday, where I’ll go from open to . . . barefoot?


3 Responses to “3rd last post – a muted death”

  1. cherylhuffer Says:

    I love the introspective look at yourself!!!

  2. Kerwin Nealer Says:

    In the words of Nike- Just Do It

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