2nd last post – reinvent yourself


All things must end. And who’s to say what phoenix arises from the ashes of such endings.

Well, in this case, I’m to say. Because with the death of a theme, a brand I’ve loved and nurtured for the past seven years, it’s time for a rebirth in another form.

the process of conscious change

changeEverybody needs to periodically reinvent themselves. He who doesn’t change is either the wisest of the wise or the dullest of the dull. (I like to think I’m somewhere in between)

We are ephemeral constructs in a world constantly in flux. We are always changing, whether or not we realize it. We hear a snippet of knowledge that gives us a new perspective on politics. We learn a new fact that makes us decide to start eating organic. We stop working out and we watch how our body loses strength and functionality. We begin working out and experience a slow but noticeable increase in energy. Week to week, day to day, minute to minute, we are evolving for better or for worse.

The key here is not to fight the change, but to go along in its flow and fall into a state of conscious change. We develop an awareness of our own evolution, even if that awareness surfaces after the fact.

It’s not control we’re seeking, but the ability to effortlessly adapt without losing fluidity. When we become consciously aware of this process, we gain the power to seek out our change, or rather to become change.

reinvent yourself

The opposite of stagnancy is not progress, but evolution. They are not synonymous.

Only you, the individual, know when it is time for you to consciously reinvent yourself, to make a life-altering change. Perhaps it’s a result of some outward stimuli, some trend you’ve identified in the world around you, or some traumatic life event. Perhaps it’s in recognition of your own internal need for change. Extensive periods of stagnation have an inducing tendency in that regard.

Regardless, you will know when it is time. If you’re unsure, work on becoming more conscious, more self-aware. Intensive introspection and important conversations with close family members, friends or significant others are conducive to a higher state of self-awareness – although I’ve always found the former to be exponentially more effective. I also tend to be a more solitary person, so do what works for you.

Decide. Consciously. We must learn to flow with the ever-changing world around us while developing the ability to consciously alter that flow as necessary.

Tomorrow you will see firsthand how I have initiated my own reinvention.

How have you reinvented yourself in the past? How are you reinventing yourself now?


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3 Responses to “2nd last post – reinvent yourself”

  1. Tracy L. Constantine Says:

    How am I reinventing myself now? It’s amazing that I keep thinking that I’m reinventing myself, but everyone around me says that they’re not surprised by what I’m doing now. They say it was inevitable. I’m now able to consciously say that I am a full-fledged fiction writer and novelist. I’d been doing it for years, but it’s the fact that I can say that I am…that is my reinvention.

    • Jeff Hirz Says:

      That is amazing and absolutely inspiring. I hope to be able to say that as well in the very near future.

      Thanks for commenting Tracy. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s post to see where this blog is going starting this weekend!

  2. dr zre Says:

    When I was in college, it required the physical act of cutting my hair to reinvent myself. Inside, I knew I was beginning to change, but no one else saw it. So I did what was necessary: cut off 12 inches of my hair in front of an entire retreat group when no one knew it was coming.
    It’s odd how we get identified by even our friends/family; they know us one way, and they never perceive us differently. So yeah, I love the rebranding, the reinventing, the rewhatevering. If you want something better, it has to happen.

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