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people are awesome


I got home today around noon and realized I had the next five hours of my life to do whatever it is I wished. Five hours. Mid-day. No plans.

I got depressed.

Has this ever happened to you? You realize that you have an enormous amount of time to do, accomplish and/or experience so many things, and it simply overwhelms you? There are innumerable things in my life I know I should be doing:

  • Putting the finishing touches on The Little Handbook for my Beta readers
  • Prepping for my new website launch
  • Training for the Akron Half-Marathon, then the subsequent Indianapolis Half-Marathon (which I’m attempting to do barefoot)
  • Finish reading Michael Hyatt’s Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World
  • I don’t know, some push-ups or something . . .

But I just can’t get my tired ass off my steps. I sit, staring blankly at my phone, pondering my priorities and what needs to get done.

everything happens, sometimes, for a reason

Then I stumble upon this:

I’m of the mindset that while everything may not happen for a reason, there is a reason everything happens . . . yeah.

Thus, I have decided to start my full-fledged Parkour training today. Not sure what Parkour is? Check it:

Not sure what will happen when I start doing flips and tumbles? This seems about right:

Here goes! (minus the jean shorts)