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70-mile drive


Last night I stumbled upon some of my old journal entries from right around the time of my college graduation. I found myself fascinated by how much I’ve changed in a mere two years. Some of my goals back then are definitely not my goals now, and vice versa. My mindset and viewpoints have definitely moderated, which I’m not particularly happy about. I’ve moved more toward the middle, away from the extreme, away from the utter spontaneity I used to do my best to embody.

It’s been a while since I’ve been cognizant of a happy accident in my life. Most things tend to be carefully coordinated and planned out. Then again, maybe I’m just not realizing the happy accidents due to my reduced level of self-awareness (in comparison with my level two years ago, anyway) Much of the beauty of life is in coincidence, is in accidents. Yes, our lives may tend to have general direction, but the happenstance, the unexpected events are what really give meaning to our lives, I feel. Keeping us on our toes, so to speak.

I was so unbalanced by the changes I saw in myself that I decided to go for a little drive. I called a good friend and we made off down I-71 and through the back roads of Parma, shooting the shit, talking about who we used to be, who we are today, and why we’re so messed up in the best way possible.

Two years ago, I don’t think I would have seen myself wearing a shirt and tie to work every day. I wouldn’t have seen myself creating brochures, developing a social media campaign, looking for a second job and running marathons. But life is almost never what you plan. The rationale doesn’t seem to even make sense, at times. How the hell did I end up here?

it’s all about serendipity

There comes a point where you don’t ask anyone to explain the rationale of your life. The twists and turns show no sense of purpose, of direction, or even of meaning. The complexities of coincidence and happenstance are too deep, or maybe too shallow, to comprehend. So you let the accidents happen. You accept them for what they are: guiding lights, although you probably won’t realize it until it’s too late. You accept them and just be happy, admiring the beauty – and incomprehensibility – of life.

Life’s a crapshoot. And we just need to learn how to roll with it. To live wild and free.

Live wild, live free

For what has come, let it be

For what will come, will be

Live wild, live free