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my last post – the bare sole


Thank you everyone for joining me in this journey to the end of the earth. And, of course, to the end of livin’ like a freebird.

A joyous seven-year ride, it now continues in its new form: The Bare Sole.

You can join me in this new phase a few different ways:

Again, thank you all for your continued support over the years. I hope to interact with you even more as we move on to this new phase in blogging, and in life!

Visit for your official welcome on my new site!

And don’t forget, as always, to punch yourself in the face.

Much love.

the bare sole


5th last post – the beginning of the end


Seven years of bliss come crashing down amidst the boulder-strewn shores of necessary change. This is the last week of activity, and my fifth-to-last post on the notorious, the infamous, the scoundrelly blog known as livin’ like a freebird.

It was slightly bittersweeet when I was Freshly Pressed back in September, as I had been planning for this change since May. But don’t think of it so much as an end. All deaths bring some form of new life, of new beginnings.

Or as I should properly call it, given that I am in the marketing field, a rebrand . . .

the bare sole